Used Machine Tools for Brake Repair and Engine Rebuilding Workshops

We are excited to introduce you to our extensive catalogue of used machine tools of the best brands, continually updated and interesting new items always on the way.

A constant flow of used machinery withdrawn from the market, both incoming and outgoing, makes The Ultimate Tooling the reference portal for used equipment specifically for mechanical, vehicle repair and engine reconditioning workshops.


The used machinery we offer is carefully selected, subjected to rigorous running tests and inspected by our team to guarantee our customers the best performance in terms of reliability and quality in optimal conditions.

When searching for used machinery and equipment specifically for brake and engine repair shops, we select only the best brands available worldwide such as Amc-Schou, Berco, Cemb, Comec, Magido, Mira, Serdi, Sunnen, Zanrosso and more.

Explore the wide range of deals and take advantage of the many offers in our catalogue of used equipment at the best prices.
Choose the perfect used machine tool for your needs and make a smart investment for your mechanical and engine grinding workshop or car repair shop.

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EMANUEL 150T Used Hydraulic Press

SKU: MU1353
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