Oleodynamic and Hydraulic Presses for Mechanical Workshops and Industry.

Welcome to our extensive collection dedicated to electrohydraulic presses with oleopneumatic action, ideal for both engine repair shops and the mechanical industry.

Here, you can explore a wide selection of Italian-made hydraulic presses made by the established OMCN company, famous for its reliable performance and use of high-quality materials.

Hydraulic presses for machine shops and industry available at The Ultimate Tooling include the following model series:

  • OMCN Manual Series: manual-action hydraulic presses
  • OMCN ML Line Series: dual-action electrohydraulic presses
  • OMCN W Line Series: 2-speed electrohydraulic presses
  • OMCN R Line Series: electrohydraulic presses with movable piston
  • OMCN Heavy Duty Series: heavy-duty hydraulic presses

Explore our catalog of hydraulic presses and feel free to request a quote for the product that best meets your job needs.

Discover the Best Hydraulic Presses Workshop

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OMCN Manual Hydraulic Presses 30 to 100 Ton

SKU: MS0030 - MS0157 - MS0158 - MS0159 - MS0160
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OMCN Double Action Electro-Hydraulic Presses 10 to 100 Ton

SKU: ML0161 - ML0162 - ML0163 - ML0164
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OMCN Electro-Hydraulic Presses 2 Speeds 20 to 150 Ton

SKU: WL1565 - WL1615 - WL1625 - WL1635 - WL1645 - WL1648 - WL2045 - WL2047 - WL3010
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OMCN 2-Speed Electro-Hydraulic Presses with Movable Piston 10 to 150 Ton

SKU: RL0306 - RL1546 - RL1566 - RL1614 - RL1624 - RL1634 - RL1642 - RL1648 - RL2042 - RL2044
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OMCN Hydraulic Presses for Heavy Duty Workshop 200 to 300 Ton

SKU: HD2052 - HD2054 - HD2802 - HD2804
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