AZ Spa: Machine Tools for Vehicle Repair and Engine Reconditioning


AZ Spa is an Italian company based in Thiene that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of grinding machines.

AZ Spa is well-known for manufacturing customised grinding machines to meet specific customer requirements.

With extensive experience, the company is able to provide the best solutions for a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, energy and oil & gas.

AZ production consists of a wide range of machine tools specifically designed for engine repair, such as:

  • Crankshaft grinders
  • Cylinder boring machines
  • Cylinder honing machines
  • Valve seat boring machines
  • Horizontal boring machines

If you are looking for high quality engine rebuilding equipment, AZ range of products is the ideal solution to meet your operational needs.

Browse through the available AZ products to find the right machine for your needs. and contact us for information and prices.

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