Disc and Drum Brake Lathes and Flywheel Grinders

This section is dedicated to essential machine tools for brake and clutch grinding, including disc and drum lathes, brake shoe riveting machines and flywheel and clutch grinders.

We offer a selection of Comec brand products, a guarantee of quality and reliable performance.

Here are the models available for brake reconditioning operations::

  • TD302 – Brake lathe for car rotors
  • TD502 – Brake lathe for trucks rotors
  • TR470 – Drums and discs brake lathe
  • TR1000 – Brake lathe for discs and drums
  • TCE560 – On-the-truck brake shoe lathe
  • CC300 – Riveting machine for brake shoes

With regard to the grinding of clutch plates and flywheels, we can offer the following models:

  • RTV530 – Flywheel and clutch pressure plate grinding machine
  • RTV600 – Flywheel and clutch pressure plate grinding machine
  • RTV612 – Flywheel and clutch pusher grinding machine

Don’t waste time, explore the catalogue of flywheel and clutch plates grinding machines and request a quotation now for the equipment that best suits your needs.

Discover Disk and Drum Lathes and Flywheel Grinding Machines

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