Part Washing Machines for Mechanical Workshop and Industry

Welcome to our extensive collection of part washers ideal for machine shop and industry.

Here, you can appeare a wide selection of Italian-made metal parts washing tanks, made by the company Magido, known for reliable performance and high quality.

Parts washers available for machine shops and industry include the following model series:

  • L SERIES – DG SERIES – HP SERIES: these manual parts washers are ideal for washing small and medium-sized parts.
  • X81 SERIES – X51 SERIES – X51HP SERIES: the automatic rotary basket washers with combined action are perfect for washing large and heavy parts, such as cylinder blocks and heads.
  • X53 SERIES: Magido’s Series 53 cabin-type parts washers are designed for industrial washing of very large parts, offering high cleaning performance.

Explore the Magido brand’s catalog of parts washers and feel free to request a quotation for the equipment that best suits your operational needs.

Discover the Best Workshop Washing Machine Tanks

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Manual Part Washer Magido – DG series

SKU: DG0008 - DG0009
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Magido Top Loader Washer – Serie X81

SKU: LX8135 - LX8155 - LX8190
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Magido Top Loader Parts Washers – X51 Series

SKU: LX5101 - LX5102 - LX5122 - LX5152
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Magido Combined Parts Washers – X51HP Series

SKU: LH5101 - LH5102 - LH5122
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Magido Industrial Parts Cabin Washers – X53 Series

SKU: LX5160 - LX5190 - LX5210 - LX5240
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