MAGIDO: Parts Washers and Industrial Washing Machines

With 35 years of experience in the industry, MAGIDO is the benchmark manufacturer of industrial parts washing machines, well known and appreciated worldwide.

MAGIDO’s quality is the result of meticulous design and the selection of high quality materials.

The company has always focused on technological innovation and the development of tailor-made solutions for customers, offering products that fit perfectly into any production cycle with flexibility and adaptability.

The Ultimate Tooling offers the MAGIDO product range from manual and rotary basket washers to cabin washers, providing both new and used solutions.

The product range is completed by aqueous solution cleaners, spare parts and accessories specifically for MAGIDO washing systems.

If you are a machine operator looking for reliable industrial washing solutions, MAGIDO products are an excellent choice.

Discover MAGIDO industrial parts washers and ask for a customised quotation.

Discover the MAGIDO Industrial Parts Washer

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Manual Part Washer Magido – DG series

SKU: DG0008 - DG0009
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Magido Top Loader Washer – Serie X81

SKU: LX8135 - LX8155 - LX8190
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Magido Top Loader Parts Washers – X51 Series

SKU: LX5101 - LX5102 - LX5122 - LX5152
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Magido Combined Parts Washers – X51HP Series

SKU: LH5101 - LH5102 - LH5122
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Magido Industrial Parts Cabin Washers – X53 Series

SKU: LX5160 - LX5190 - LX5210 - LX5240
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