Engine Rebuilding Machinery and Equipment

In our selection of machine tools dedicated to engine rebuilding, you will find a wide range of precision equipment and machinery essential for specialized engine repair and maintenance shops.

Included among the available brands are the most prestigious names in the field of machine tool manufacturing specifically for engine rebuilding, such as Berco, BO Machine Tools, Comec, Industrias Kras, Kwik-Way and Peg, which are a guarantee of quality and reliable performance.

In the various browsing areas of the site you will be able to find the following categories of products reserved for engine rebuilding shops:

  • Cylinder boring machines
  • Engine rebuilding equipment
  • Cylinder honing machines
  • Crankshaft grinding machines
  • Valve seat grinders
  • Valve grinding machines
  • Cylinder head resurfacers

Explore this wide selection of equipment to improve the efficiency of your work and ensure high-quality results.
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PEG 8 Valve Seat Grinder

SKU: PG8020
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PEG 10 Valve Seat Grinder

SKU: PG1020
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PEG RV 3000 Valve Refacer

SKU: RV3000
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