Used Brake Lathes and Flywheel Grinding Machines

Welcome to our extensive catalogue of used brake lathes and grinding machines for flywheels and clutches.
This selection is constantly being updated, with new and interesting offerings coming in the field of used brake and clutch machinery.

We distinguish by a continuous flow of used machine tools, both incoming and outgoing, making The Ultimate Tooling the benchmark for the best used machine tools in the brake and clutch repair industry.

Our used machinery is meticulously selected, subjected to precise functional checks and carefully inspected by our team of technicians.
This guarantees our customers the purchase of reliable products with perfect operating quality.

Within this selection of used brake and clutch flywheel grinding machines, you will find:

  • Used lathes for mounted disc
  • Used disc and drum brake lathes
  • Used drum lathes
  • Used brake shoe grinders
  • Used riveting machines for brake shoes
  • Used flywheel and clutch grinding machines

When searching for used machinery and equipment specifically for brake repair shops, we only refer to the best brands such as Berco, Caorle, Comec, PMD, Robbi, Scledum, Zanrosso and others.

Explore the special offers in our catalogue of used machine tools at the best prices and choose used equipment for your brake and clutch repair shop.

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