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Comec Machine Tools and Equipment for Brakes and Engine

Here you will find machinery and equipment made in Italy by Comec srl, a leading company in the automotive industry with more than 50 years of technical experience in the manufacture of machine tools.

Comec is a global leading Italian manufacturer specialized in the production of machine tools for vehicle repair shops and automotive industry.

Thanks to the most advanced technological standards, the use of high-quality components and an efficient planned organization, the production of machine tools is entirely organized in the Porcia plant.

A wide selection of machine tools and workshop equipment for car, truck, motorcycle, and other commercial vehicles.

The efficient sales network ensures continuous stock availability, thus offering good distribution and deliver to distributors and customers worldwide.

The extensive Comec product catalog includes machine tools for engine rebuilding such as:

  • CNC engine block boring and milling machine Comec ACF200.CNC
  • Cylinder boring machine Comec AC200 and AC170
  • Engine resurfacing machines Comec RP1000 and RP1300
  • Cylinder honing machine Comec LEV125 and LEV300
  • Cylinder head pressure tester Comec VPT130, VPT160 and VPT 190
  • Valve grinder Comec RV516

And also equipment for the reconditioning of disc and drum brakes such as:

  • Discs and drums brake lathe Comec TR470, TR1000 and TR2000
  • Riveting machine Comec CC300
  • Flywheel and clutch resurfacer Comec RTV530 and RTV600

Do not wait any longer, consult the Comec products page and immediately request a quotation for the item of your interest.

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