ZANROSSO: Machinery for Brake and Engine Repair Workshops

ZANROSSO has been a significant name in the mechanical engineering sector, recognised for its excellence in the production of high quality machine tools dedicated to the brake and engine repair business.

Even today, ZANROSSO equipment is renowned for its sturdiness and precision, making it a popular brand in many specialised workshops in Italy and all over the world.

The Ultimate Tooling now offers a wide selection of used ZANROSSO equipment including:

  • Disc and drum brake lathes
  • Flywheel grinding machines
  • Cylinder head and block resurfacers
  • Cylinder grinding and boring machines
  • Crankshaft grinding machines
  • Connecting rods boring machines
  • Valve seat boring machines
  • Valve grinding machines

If you are a mechanical operator looking for efficient and valuable ZANROSSO machinery, please check the various solutions available and contact us for prices and information.

Discover ZANROSSO Workshop Equipment

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