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Elsa Supercombinata

The Ultimate Tooling forges a new and interesting partnership with Elsa srl for the online distribution of the best portable line boring and welding machines on the market, the Supercombinata series.

Elsa Supercombinata portable line boring machine

So let us now get to know the company Elsa srl and the various models of portable boring machines.

Elsa Srl the company

Elsa srl is an all-Italian company that was founded in 1997 and has established itself over the years as a world leader in the design and production of portable equipment for boring and welding operations, external boring, flattening of orthogonal planes, drilling, tapping and threading.

During these many years of activity, the company Elsa srl has grown in terms of organisation, production and technology, offering a series of increasingly cutting-edge and technologically advanced products.

The credit for this continuous growth must be attributed to the entrepreneurial vision and special attention that Elsa has always paid during the development of the various line boring machines it manufactures.

Values such as ethics and sustainability are the foundations on which the company is based, which, combined with a strong orientation towards innovation, research and customer care, have made Elsa srl an appreciated reality and a brand known worldwide.

Company Quality Certificates

Further proof of the high standards at which Elsa srl operates are the various certifications and awards it has received, including:

    • CE certification
    • EAC certification
    • ISO 9001 certification
  • CSQ certification
  • IMQ certification in accordance with EN 61000

Supercombinata Portable Line Boring and Welding Machines

There are currently 7 models of portable boring and welding machines in the Supercombinata line that Elsa Srl produces.


All Supercombinata boring and welding machine models allow internal boring and welding operations.

In addition, with the appropriate optional kits, it is possible to extend the working range and enlarge the field of application to external boring operations, milling of orthogonal planes, drilling, tapping and creation of circlips seats.


To help the reader choose the right portable line boring machine, we have compared the main features of the various Supercombinata models and listed them in the following comparison table.

Working rangeØ 22÷120 mmØ 32÷250 mmØ 42÷250 mmØ 42÷400 mmØ 62÷600 mmØ 62÷250 mmØ 62÷800 mm
Boring bar 1Ø 20 × 1800 mmØ 40 × 2200 mmØ 40 × 2200 mmØ 40 × 1100 mmØ 60 × 2200 mmØ 60 × 2200 mmØ 60 × 2200 mm
Boring bar 2Ø 40 × 1500 mm//Ø 40 × 2200 mm///
Internal weldingOptionalØ 42÷250 mmØ 42÷250 mmØ 42÷400 mmØ 42÷600 mmØ 42÷250 mmØ 42÷800 mm
External weldingOptionalOptionalOptionalØ 42÷400 mmØ 42÷400 mmOptionalØ 42÷600 mm
Longitudinal travel350 mm350 mm250 mm350 mm350 mm250 mm350 mm
Max. feed speed11 RPM11 RPM11 RPM11 RPM11 RPM11 RPM11 RPM
Motor power1800 W1800 W1800 W1800 W1800 W1800 W2300 W
Mechanical shifting2 speed2 speed2 speed4 speed4 speed4 speed4 speed
Max. bar torque290 Nm290 Nm290 Nm400 Nm520 Nm350 Nm902 Nm
Main unit dimensions68×24×38 cm68×24×38 cm54×22×38 cm68×24×38 cm68×24×38 cm54×22×38 cm68×30×39 cm
Main unit weight36 Kg36 Kg34 Kg36 Kg36 Kg34 Kg39 Kg

*Voltage also available in 110/120 V

Application fields of the Supercombinata

Thanks to their easy transportability and extreme working precision, the portable boring machines of the Supercombinata series can be used in a wide variety of industries.

In fact, they are widely used in machine shops, in the mining and earth-moving industries and in the nautical industry right through to the eolic, railway, nuclear, hydroelectric and even oil & gas.

Thanks to its easy portability, the Supercombinata is the perfect machine for boring and welding operations to be performed directly on site, such as in construction sites, caves and mines, and inside ships or ocean platforms.


After this extensive technical review of the various line boring machine models of the Supercombinata series, we conclude this article.

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