The closure of Berco – The end of an era

closure of Berco

The news of the closure of Berco, which has been circulating for months, has become a sad reality, formalized with a circular that the same company sent to its customers and distributors.

The closure of Berco: the history

The historic company of Copparo was founded in 1918 by Vezio Bertoni as a small mechanical workshop.

In the following years, Roberto Cotti joined the company, from which will be born the name Berco which we all know.

The closure of Berco - The Berco plant in the 1950s
The Berco plant in the 1950s

The company became over the years the flagship of the Italian industry, for the construction of crankshaft grinder machine, head and blocks resurfacers, cylinder boring machines and other machinery for the reconditioning of engines and brakes.

It was really hard to find a repair workshop that did not have Berco machinery inside.

Berco RTM225A crankshaft grinding machine
Berco RTM225A crankshaft grinding machine

In 1999, the company was acquired by the German giant ThyssenKrupp, which still owns the property.

The cynical law of numbers, today brings the multinational based in Essen to definitively sanction the closure of Berco.

This is the end word to a name that has marked an era in the world of machine tools for workshops.

Future scenarios after the closure of Berco

Many words have been spent on Berco’s future in recent months.

Unfortunately, still unknown are the fate of all those workers who for years have served in the historic Copparo factory.

There are a number of questions that the workers, historical customers and partner companies are facing today following the closure of Berco.

  • Who will provide spare parts and assistance to the owners of Berco machinery?
  • Which brands will now take Berco’s place in the world market?
  • What will remain of the historic Berco brand?
The historic Berco logo
The historic Berco logo

What is certain is that we are faced with an epochal event that has rocked the car repair industry.

We at The Ultimate Tooling will try to be present and keep you informed about any developments that will be presented in the future.

The hope of all professionals in the industry is that the Lynx can go back to roaring again.

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