Rossi & Kramer – PEG: valve seat grinders

PEG Valve seat grinding machine

Today The Ultimate Tooling visits the Rossi & Kramer – PEG company in Italy, in the province of Treviso, where valve seat machines of the highest quality standards are produced.

The owner of Rossi & Kramer – PEG, Mr. Antonio Daminato, opens to us the doors of his company with extreme courtesy and availability, and begins by giving us some historical information and explaining the products and production processes.

Rossi & Kramer – PEG: the company


Rossi & Kramer – PEG was founded back in 1967 by the two founders Egidio Perin and Sante Busatta.
It was in 1972 that Mr. Antonio Daminato joined the company and then became the owner in the following years.

Rossi & Kramer – PEG stands on a surface of 1800 sqm and can count on a staff of 18 employees who cover all the key areas of the corporate structure.
It ranges from the commercial and administrative side to the design, development and production of valve seat machines and valve grinders that are made inside the plants.

The owner of Rossi & Kramer – PEG, Dottor Antonio Daminato

The owner of Rossi & Kramer – PEG, Dottor Antonio Daminato


The production area is the pride of Rossi & Kramer – PEG, which is equipped with top quality machinery, such as cnc lathe machines of the Japanese brands Mazak and Okuma, cnc machining centres branded Okuma and tangential and external cylindrical automated grinding machines.

Mr. Daminato explains that to reinforce the already excellent production sector, 2 new work units will be soon available, such as a CNC lathe and an automated work center, always branded Okuma.

The company currently has a fairly standardized production and produces about 500 machines a year.
However, Mr. Antonio Daminato reminds us that at the turn of the 80s/90s, Rossi & Kramer – PEG had reached peaks of over 1200 pieces per year, including valve refacing machines and valve seat machines.

Not only Valve Seat Machines

As said, Rossi & Kramer – PEG is specialized in the construction of valve seat machines, engine valve refacing machines, valve seat cutting systems, portable boring machine for cam seats.

Rossi & Kramer – PEG also produces 2 models of vacuometers, specific tools for checking the tightness of the valves that are usually used after processing the valve seat to check the precise coupling between the valve and the valve seat.

The products

Now let’s see in detail which are the own construction products in the Rossi & Kramer – PEG catalog.

Valve refacing machines, miling machines and valve seats machines reach every corner of the world thanks to a network of official distributors representing the Rossi & Kramer – PEG brand in every continent.

The logo of Rossi & Kramer – PEG the manufacturer of Valve seat grinding machine

The logo of Rossi & Kramer – PEG


At the end of our visit to this important Italian production company we greet and thank Mr. Antonio Daminato, who before leaving us is keen to emphasize that the Rossi & Kramer – PEG brand philosophy is oriented to full and total customer satisfaction.

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