Review of PEG RV 3000 Engine Valve Grinding Machine

PEG RV 3000 valve grinding

In this article, The Ultimate Tooling introduces its customers to what can undoubtedly be called the best engine valve grinding machine in terms of quality-price ratio that can be found on the market today, the PEG RV 3000.

The Valve refacer PEG RV 3000

We’re going to learn about the details of this simple yet powerful valve grinding machine, PEG branded by the Italian company Rossi&Kramer, which manufactures machine tools specifically for reconditioning valves and engine valve seats.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Rossi&Kramer’s engineers chose to develop a simple valve grinding design, but one that offers an extremely versatile, precise and reliable machine.

This design presents a new standard of performance in engine valve grinding, with mechanical solutions that make it easy to use.

But what are the features that give this machine its versatility, precision and reliability?

PEG RV 3000 valve grinding

The Valve refacer PEG RV 3000

PEG RV 3000 main features

Construction features

The first feature that stands out about this valve grinding machine is that its design is not that of the classic locking spindle, but instead uses a V-shaped valve support adaptation, consisting of two pairs of high-precision bearings that allow for quick adaptation and perfect alignment of the motor valve.

This valve grinder is equipped with an aluminum drive wheel with an adhering material coating that allows for smooth rotation of the valve.

Grinding wheel

The PEG RV 3000 valve grinding machine is supplied with a corundum grinding wheel of size Ø 175×30 mm and grit 70.

However, the versatility of this valve grinding machine allows the operator to replace the standard grinding wheel with others of different grits or materials such as:

  • Silicon carbide
  • Cubitron
  • Special compound for titanium valves

Control panel

In addition to a simple yet sturdy construction, making it a great value for money investment, this valve grinder has a control panel that makes it very easy to use.

This panel has all the necessary controls for the grinding task at the operator’s fingertips, which facilitates every machining process.
These controls are:

  • Start and stop buttons for the grinding wheel motor
  • Start and stop buttons for the valve motor
  • Start and stop buttons for the pump motor
PEG RV 3000 valve grinding machine control panel

PEG RV 3000 valve grinding machine control panel

Field of work

As described above, the PEG RV 3000 valve grinder is able to cover a wide range of motors, being able to process valves with stem diameter between Ø 4÷16 mm and valve head diameter up to Ø 100 mm.

This guarantees a high added value and a quick return on investment which increases the above mentioned advantageous quality-price ratio.

Accessories & customization

As if everything we’ve said so far wasn’t enough, the PEG RV 3000 valve grinding machine has a wealth of accessories that allow it to perform a variety of tasks that complete the entire valve machining process.

The operations we can perform are:

  • Grinding wheel sharpening
  • Valve stem grinding
  • Valve chamfering

The standard equipment that completes the RV 3000 includes:

  • Coolant pump
  • Plexiglass splash protection screen
  • Adjustable led light

For those who want to further customize the PEG RV 3000, should know that it can be equipped with the following optional accessories:

  • Oversized V-shaped support kit for valves with stem up to Ø 20 mm
  • Variable rotation speed of grinding wheel and valve
  • Sheet metal bench with wheels

Final thoughts

The PEG RV 3000 valve grinder is definitely an extremely versatile, precise and reliable machine. But what most distinguishes this machine is a quality-price ratio that no one else on the market can offer.

If you need to grind valves with a wide range of diameters, the PEG RV 3000 is the valve grinding machine for you.
Thanks to its simplicity you can do the job quickly and easily without losing the reliability offered by the high quality materials used.

All of the above has allowed The Ultimate Tooling to offer its customers a valve grinding machine capable of covering a wide range of engines at one of the most competitive prices on the market.

So, if you have technical questions or requests for a quote on this extraordinary valve grinding machine, don’t hesitate and contact us by using the button below.

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