Self Centering Chuck for Crankshaft Grinders and Lathes

Omap – Tribloc self centering chuck for crankshaft grinding machines.

Available in various diameters for Berco, Zanrosso, AZ, Scledum, Vereco, Winona Van Norman crankshaft grinders, both millimeters and inches.

Set of sliding jaws are included.


Crankshaft Grinder Brand

Berco, Zanrosso – AZ – Scledum – Vereco

Chuck Diameter

160, 180, 200, 230, 280, 315


High Precision Self-Centering Chuck for Crankshaft Grinders and Lathes

We are a worldwide distributor of OMAP Tribloc self centering chucks for Berco crankshaft grinding machines.
But also chucks for AMC-Shou crankshaft grinders and other brands such as AZ, Scledum, Zanrosso, Winona Van Norman.

We also provide a wide range of self-centering lathe chuck, mounting plates, clamping equipment and back mounting spindle for CNC machine tools of the best production standards.

Description of the products

The chuck is composed of a body and a set of 3 or 4 or 6 solid jaws and is supplied in both millimeters and inches.
Normally another set of scrolling jaw for inside or outside diameters is provided in the kit.

With immediate stock availability and widespread distribution of extreme accuracy, we can count on many satisfied customers around the world.

Check the table below for the self centering chuck diameter and the model of crankshaft grinding machine, and contact us to get a quote.


CC1160Self centering chuck Ø 160 mmBercoRTM 180Ø 160
CC1180Self centering chuck Ø 180 mm*BercoRTM 225 – RTM 260 – RTM 270Ø 180
CC1200Self centering chuck Ø 200 mm*BercoRTM 300Ø 200
CC1230Self centering chuck Ø 230 mmBercoRTM 280 – RTM 351Ø 230
CC1280Self centering chuck Ø 280 mmBercoRTM 575Ø 280
CC1315Self centering chuck Ø 315 mmBercoRTM 425Ø 315
CC5160Self centering chuck Ø 160 mmZanrosso – AZ – Scledum – VerecoØ 160
CC5180Self centering chuck Ø 180 mmZanrosso – AZ – Scledum – VerecoØ 180
CC5200Self centering chuck Ø 200 mmZanrosso – AZ – Scledum – VerecoØ 200
CC5230Self centering chuck Ø 230 mmZanrosso – AZ – Scledum – VerecoØ 230
*Replacement jaws for OMAP and FIAL chucks are available for these diameters.

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