PEG 175 Valve seat grinding machine

The PEG 175 is a Valve seat grinding machine suitable for the machining of engine valve seats with a diameter between Ø 70 and 180 mm.
It finds its ideal field of application in large moors such as those of boats and ships.
The PEG 175 is sold in 2 variants which differ in the range of accessories supplied with the machine.

  • PG1720 – PEG 175 Standard
  • PG1710 – PEG 175 Motor Unit Only

Both versions can also be supplied with an optional speed variator.




The PEG 175 is a valve seat grinding machine for large engines, such as those used in the naval sector.

The work of the PEG 175 is based on the principle of planetary rotation of the abrasive wheel, while maintaining the correct alignment of the system, thanks to the combination of the three grinding movements:

  • Rotating movement
  • Orbital movement
  • Pendulum movement

The PEG 125 is a valve seat grinding machine built with the utmost technical rigor in all its components.

Each component of the PEG 125 is manufactured according to the highest quality working standards which ensure maximum precision in the coupling of the moving parts.
Parts such as the grinding wheel spindle, the eccentric shaft and the pilot pin are subject to accurate grinding operations that guarantee an excellent finish.
The rotating parts are carefully balanced and preloaded in order to avoid axial and radial play that can occur during the rotation of the bearings.

Inside the upper part of the PEG 175 there are gears with globe screws, while in the external part we find the advancement handwheel of micrometric passage.
The assembly phase of the components ends with an accurate control and rigorous final testing, so that the precision, concentricity and symmetry requirements for which the Valve seat grinding machine PEG 175 was conceived are respected.

The Valve seat grinding machine PEG 175 is distributed in the Standard and Motor Unit Only versions which differ in the composition of the set of accessories supplied with the machine.

The Motor Unit Only version consists of the machine body, while the Standard is equipped with a complete series of accessories to allow the processing of a wide range of motors thus satisfying the needs of each operator.

The PEG 175 Standard model is sold with an accessory kit that includes: self-centering pilots, grinding wheels of various diameters and the diamond tool.

Working fieldØ 70÷180 mm
Grinding wheel rotation speed2800÷5600 RPM
Relative motion8÷16 RPM
Fixed eccentricity3 mm
Motor power1300 W
Electrical requirements230V 1Ph / 400V 3Ph
Dimensions13 × 32 cm
Weight7,5 Kg
  • PEG 175 Valve seat grinder
  • N°2 guide rods
  • N° 4 pairs of interchangeable bushings
  • N° 2 grinding wheel without hub: Ø 80 – 100 mm
  • N° 4 grinding wheel with hub: Ø 120 – 140 – 160 – 180 mm

icona pdf PEG 175 – VALVE SEAT GRINDER

  • Variomatic – Speed variator unit