Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer

The Kwik Way SVS II Deluxe valve refacer allows the machining of valves with a stem diameter between Ø 4 ÷ 14 mm.

A secondary Ø 76 mm grinding wheel allows the processing of the valve base and the chamfer.

The Kwik Way valve grinder is supplied with a large kit of standard accessories.



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Kwik Way SVS II Deluxe valve refacer is a grinding machine for engine valves that we can consider of high range in its segment of products.
Reliability, precision and sturdiness make the Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe the reference point among all valve refacing machines.

The machine body is made up of 2 cast iron blocks that make up the basic structure of the Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe.


The strong point of this valve grinder is certainly the patented 6-ball chuck with pneumatic valve clamping effect.
The 3 front balls and the 3 rear balls, hosted inside the chuck, tighten the valve stem, keeping an extremely reduced contact surface between the parts.
This 2-point valve locking is usually called Centerless and allows a perfect alignment of the valve on its axis.

The closure of the chuck occurs by pneumatic action through a drive pedal, thus leaving the operator’s hands free.

The chuck is equipped with variable speed rotation from 100 to 300 RPM and can host valves with a stem diameter between Ø 4 and 14 mm.
An optional accessory allows to extend the working range with the valve stem diameter ranging from Ø 11 to 21 mm.

The head that houses the chuck assembly can be tilted up to an angle of 62 °.


The Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe has a main wheel with a diameter of Ø 178 mm for the valve grinding.
A secondary Ø 76 mm grinding wheel allows the tip processing and chamfering of the stem thanks to a special valve support.
Both wheels have their own diamond dressing tool.

A large 3.8 liter tank contains the grinding liquid which can be used on both the grinding wheels, through 2 different flexible nozzles.


The control panel is positioned on the chuck head assembly and includes:

  • 3-position selector Start/Stop grinding wheel motor and chuck motor
  • Valve rotation speed variator
  • Valves counter

As previously mentioned, the chuck is actuated by pneumatic action through a pedal control.

In addition, the Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe is equipped with an automatic limit switch that operates when the traverse handle is moved to the far right position.
This system completely switch off the grinding wheel motor, the chuck motor and the coolant pump.

To complete the equipment of the machine there is a splash guard and an adjustable spotlight.

Additional optional accessories such as the sheet metal cabinet, the small valve collet kit allow you to enrich more the valve grinding Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe.

Min.- Max. chuck capacityØ 4÷14 mm
Min.- Max. head valve diameterØ 19÷101 mm
Min. valve stem length49 mm
Min. total valve length86 mm
Grinding angles13°÷62°
Main grinding wheel diameterØ 178 mm
Secondary grinding wheel diameterØ 76 mm
Main grinding wheel rotation speed3450 RPM
Secondary grinding wheel rotation speed3450 RPM
Chuck variable rotation speed100÷300 RPM
Grinding wheel drive motor0,37 kW
Chuck drive motor0,06 kW
Coolant tank capacity3,8 Lt
Electrical requirements230 V – 50 Hz – 1 Ph
Pneumatic requirements4,5 Bar
Dimensions94 × 60 × 41 cm
Weight150 Kg
  • Valve grinding wheel da Ø 178 mm
  • Stem grinding wheel Ø 76 mm
  • Chuck assembly/disassembly tool
  • Diamond dressing tool for tip and face grinding
  • Rocker arm attachment assembly
  • Coolant splash guard
  • Emulsifiable grinding oil (3,8 Lt)
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual


  • KC0414 – Standard chuck Ø 4÷14 mm
  • KC1121 – Chuck for larger diameter valves Ø 11÷21 mm
  • KC5414 – High performance chuck Ø 4÷14 mm
  • KC0306 – Small valves collet kit Ø 3÷6 mm
  • KG0700 – Standard grinding wheel Ø 178 mm for general purpose
  • KG0704 – Titanium grinding wheel Ø 178 mm
  • KG0702 – Finishing grinding wheel Ø 178 mm
  • G0300 – Stem grinding wheel Ø 76 mm
  • KG0304 – Stem finishing grinding wheel Ø 76 mm
  • KG0800 – Grinding wheel Ø 204 mm for general purpose
  • KG0806 – Stellite grinding wheel Ø 204 mm
  • KG0500 – Grinding wheel Ø 127 mm for general purpose
  • KG0506 – Stellite grinding wheel Ø 127 mm
  • KD0716 – Valve wheel diamond
  • KD0516 – Butt wheel diamond
  • KE0001 – Valve grinding oil 3,8 lt
  • KE0005 – Valve grinding oil 19 lt
  • KA0039 – Metal cabine

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