Used Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Machines

This section is dedicated to used tanks for pressure leakage testing in engine heads and blocks.

Our catalogue, which is constantly being updated, offers a wide selection of used machines specifically for pressure tightness testing in engine heads and blocks.

This makes The Ultimate Tooling the reference point in the field of used equipment for engine repair shops, thanks to our constant flow of high quality used machines.

All our used machines are carefully selected, subjected to rigorous functional checks and inspected by our team of qualified technicians.
This allows our customers the opportunity to purchase reliable used cylinder head testing tanks with excellent value for money.

Within this selection of used cylinder head leak testing machines, you will find the most popular and appreciated brands such as PEG, Comec, PMD, Serdi, Montclair and others.

Discover the special offers in our catalogue of used machine tools for head and block pressure tester, select the ideal used machine tool for your engine workshop and ask for a customised quotation.

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