Valve Seat and Valve Guide Grinding and Boring Machines

This section of the site is dedicated to valve seat and valve guide boring and milling machines for internal combustion engines.

You will find a wide range of options including valve seat boring machines with cutting tool, portable manual milling machines and orbital grinding machines, from the leading brands PEG and Comec.

The PEG brand offers valve seat boring machines such as the PEG RS 08L and RS 993.
The PEG FM1 portable manual valve seat milling machine.
In addition, you will find the PEG series of orbital grinding machines, including the PEG 8, PEG 10, PEG 90, PEG 125 and PEG 175 models.

Among the Comec valve seat milling machine solutions, you can choose from the FSV100 and FSV120 models.

Explore all available options and request a quotation now for the best valve seat boring machine for your needs.

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