OMAP: Self-centering chucks, autofretting face drivers and flanges

OMAP self-centering chucks

The Ultimate Tooling is in Belluno, in the heart of Italian Alps, where is based OMAP, leader in the production of self-centering chucks for crankshaft grinding machinesautofretting face driverslathe faceplateand flanges.

The story of OMAP

OMAP, it means “High Precision Mechanical Workshops”, was born in 1963, created by its founder Luigi De Pra, which follows over the years, firstly his son Roberto De Pra and then his nephew Luigi De Pra, current CEO of the company.

OMAP is a complitely Italian company which develops its area on over 3600 square meters, where about fifteen people work, and produces about 1500 annual units.

And it is precisely Luigi, the representative of the third generation, to guide us inside the structure and to let us know the products and manufacturing techniques that have been applied during the realization of the self-centering chucks.

OMAP: self-centering chucks for lathes, mills and crankshafts grindings machines

To be specific, Luigi De Pra explains that the OMAP business is focused mainly in the manufacture of self-centering chucks for crankshafts grindings machines, mills and lathes.

In addition, autofretting face drivers, lathe platforms and bracket flanges are realized.

But what remains the strong part of OMAP production is definitely the manual self-centering chucks for lathe, in the following variants:

  • Self-centering chucks 3 double guide grippers
  • Self-centering chucks 4 double guide grippers
  • Couple of self-centering chucks for crankshafts Grindings Machines

Production of self-centering chuck

Luigi De Pra points out that the entire chucks manufacturing process takes place internally at OMAP plants and illustrates the various steps of implementation.

Before knowing the whole process, however, it is necessary to point out that the production department is equipped with extremely state-of-the-art machinery and can rely on:

  • 4 Fadal machining centers
  • 2 Rosa tangential grinding machine
  • 1 External grinding machine Robbi
  • 4 Cnc lathe machines brand CMT
  • Fanuc wire EDM
  • Spark erosion machine Moldmaster
Production area for self-centering chucks for crankshaft grinding machine
Production area for self-centering chucks for crankshaft grinding machine

Production process of OMAP self-centering chucks

It starts with the raw castings or special steel bars which will be worked with turning and milling operations.

To give the characteristics of hardness and resistance to the self-centering chucks, the material is subjected to heat treatment in the furnace department and then the first grinding step is carried out.

After that, we move to the delicate step of manual adjustment of the self-centering chucks, made exclusively by experienced professionals; this is the passage that determines the accuracy and finishing of the workpiece.

After taht, the self-centering chucks is ready for further grinding cycle, with regard to the body and the jaws.

Now it’s time for cleaning part through a special washing machines and the use of special cleaning products that keep the technical and mechanical characteristics of the self-centering chucks unchanged.

At the end, every single OMAP self-centering chucks is subject to strict testing and final quality control.

Sales and distribution network

Once the test phase has been successfully completed, the self-centering chucks, as well as autofretting face drivers, lathe platforms and flanges, are ready to be delivered to final customers in every part of the world.

In fact, through an efficient distribution network, OMAP products are widely recognized and appreciated everywhere, both in Italy and abroad.

Luigi tells us that sales are cyclical but recently, it is especially the US and Russian markets that have the highest demand for OMAP products.

Future projects

As OMAP is a company that is always oriented to the growth and improvement of its production, Luigi informs us that the purchase of a new 2-blade CNC ISO 50 machining centre and a Rosa grinding machine has already been defined.

In addition, the growing interest in OMAP products in the Middle East requires research and the formation of new commercial partnerships with local distributors.

OMAP manufacturing of self-centering chucks, autofretting face drivers and flanges for lathes, mills and crankshafts grindings machines
The OMAP logo


We are at the end of this in-depth visit to the OMAP High Precision Mechanical Workshops.

We would like to thank the general manager Luigi De Pra for the time he gave us and for the explanations he gave regarding the production of the OMAP self-centering chucks.

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