Motortehnology: the experts of engine rebuild in Russia

engine rebuilding in Russia

The Ultimate Tooling moves to Moscow in order to meet closely Motortehnology, the reference company for engine rebuild in Russia, which in December 2017 reached its 25th year of activity.

Motortehnology: the experts of engine rebuild in Russia

Motortehnology is headed by its founder Alexandr Lizunov who can count on the support of his closest collaborators, including Svetlana Danshina, Vladimir Kuznetsov e Kristina Trelina.

It is Kristina herself who brings us to the discovery of Motortehnology and engine rebuild in Russia.


Map of Russia where Motortehnology operates

Map of Russia where Motortehnology operates

The history

Kristina explains to us that following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, there was a need and a desire to start again from everyone.

Motortehnology was founded in December 1992 by Alexandr Lizunov, who along with 4 other members of the Moscow Motoristic Institute decided to found the company.
Alexandr and his partners were therefore experienced professionals in the field of engine repair in Russia.

Alexandr Lizunov first began his studies in mechanics and motoring in 1975 and his practical experience in the field of engine repair in Russia brought him to know very well the Russian market, which at the time was very poor in terms of workshop equipment.

He understands that the way to proceed was to import engine repair machinery directly from abroad.

Alexandr Lizunov founder of Motortehnology

Alexandr Lizunov founder of Motortehnology

The company Motortehnology

Today, Motortehnology’s core business is divided into 2 main areas.

  • The sale and distribution of equipment for engine repair workshops and machinery in Russia.
  • The technical centre deals specifically with engine repair and engine overhaul.

Kristina tells us that the 2 activities are of vital importance to each other and complementary.
By using the machinery in their own technical centre, they have acquired such experience and competence that they know very well the products they sell and this makes them extremely well prepared in case of interventions or technical assistance.

Motortehnology has also recently started producing some equipment under its own brand name.

The staff of the Motortehnology Technical Centre

The staff of the Motortehnology Technical Centre

Sale and distribution

The sales and distribution department can count on the support of 10 people who coordinate various sellers covering the whole of Russia.

Motortehnology imports and distributes the most representative brands in the industry of engine rebuild in Russia:

  • AZ Spa
  • Govoni
  • Hines
  • Honingtec
  • Kwik-Way
  • Lampugnani
  • Magido
  • Mira
  • Neway
  • PEG – Rossi & Kramer
  • TierraTech
  • VTM Group

Motortehnology’s service offers its customers ranges from installation to machine tool start-up and technical training.
In addition, the after-sales service is extremely efficient thanks to a dedicated telephone service that allows customers to contact Motortehnology for questions or technical informations.

Kristina points out that, since Russia is so large, there are as many as 11 time zones that separate the European zone from the Kamchatka zone, and this telephone line has proved extremely helpful in reducing service times in such a large country.

The technical centre

The technical centre is a real engine grinding and repair workshop that covers an area of 1500 square meters, where 35 highly specialized operators work and it is equipped with the following machine tools:

  • Valve seat cutting machine Newen Contour B-B
  • Valve seat cutting machine Newen G-II
  • Pressure tester for cylinder heads and blocks Carmec PTR 1600XLH
  • Hydraulic valve guide press Carmec VGP1200
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine TierraTech MOT-350NS
  • Cabinet parts washer MAGIDO- L102
  • Cabinet parts washer with rotating basket MAGIDO-L190
  • Head and block resurfacer AZ SP-1600PLC
  • Valve refacer Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe
  • Cylinder boring-resurfacing machine AZ VB182M
  • Cylinder boring machine Berco ACP160S/L
  • Cylinder horing machine Sunnen CV-616
  • Magnetoscope AZ CD20
  • Crankshaft grinding machine AZ CG300-2200
  • Line boring machine AZ BAC 2000
  • Line horing machine Sunnen CH-100
  • Crankshaft balancer Hines LIBERATOR
  • Con road boring machine Berco AB 651
  • Con road grinding machine Sunnen LBB 1699
  • Sandblasting machine Lampugnani LC/2 TR
  • Other parallel lathes, milling machines and Soviet production machine tools.

Surely a respectable technical centre, extremely equipped and with high quality machinery.

Future Plans

Kristina tells us about Motortehnology’s future projects, which mainly concern the expansion of the technical centre for turbocharger overhaul.

There is also plans to increase the production of own manufactured articles and the organization of courses and technical training reserved for mechanics in Russia.

The logo of Motortehnology

The logo of Motortehnology


With the slogan “The art of perfect execution” in these 25 years of activity, Motortehnology has definitely carved out its leading role in the distribution of equipment and machinery for engine grinding workshops in Russia.

Among the over 1000 customers that Motortehnology serves, more than 200 engine rebuild in Russia have raised the standard of their working level.

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