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MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice, the engine tuning of sports car.

Today The Ultimate Tooling goes to Germany, to the small village of Nidderau near Frankfurt, in order to meet Francesco Testa, holder of MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice, the most important car repair shop for engine tuning in the entire Germany.

MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice

Francesco runs the car repair shop with his father Michele, and their activity is mainly oriented towards sports cars.
Indeed there are a lot of FerrariLamborghiniMaserati and various limited edition that come from the entire Germany to MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice to add horsepower to their already powerful engines.

Engine tuning on Ferrari F348 Mondial
Engine tuning on Ferrari F348 Mondial


With extreme kindness and hospitality, Francesco welcomes us in his engine repair workshop and gives us a bit of his time to answer to our questions.

Goodmorning Francesco, an you tell us when MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice was born and what did you exactly do?

MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice was born in 2005 by me and my father, Michele Testa, as repair shop specialized in engine tuning.
our activity is mainly based on engines grinding and revision of gear stick of sports car like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc…

Mr. Michele Testa working on a Ferrari 512 BB
Mr. Michele Testa working on a Ferrari 512 BB
What kind of modifications you exactly do to the super sport engines of your clients?

We start from the processing of valve seats till the valve refacing.
We arrange engine block till all those process needed for the complete elaboration of an engine.
Also the actions on traditional injection pump and SPICA, and differential repair.
At the end we also provide the full renovation of car body and painting.

The area dedicated to engine mounting
The area dedicated to engine mounting
What are those equipments you use in your shop repair to process these type of modifications??

About the specific tuning engines, we have a cylinder head seat and guide machine Rottler SG7MTS, a hydraulic valve guide press Carmec VGP 1200, essential for the extraction and insertion of guides, and a Cormec RV516 for the valve refacing.
Furthermore, we have other generic machineries, such as lathes and milling machines, which we use if demanded.

The interior of the workshop MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice with a Rottler SG7MTS on the background
The interior of the workshop MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice with a Rottler SG7MTS on the background
What’s the machinery who gives you more satisfaction during the processing?

Surely the Rottler SG7MTS is a great equipment that gives me the opportunity to get extremely precise machining during valve seats machining.
Also the Carmec VGP 1200, even if is very simple to use, it simplified and speeded me up with the assembly and disassembly of guides or valve seats.

Carmec VGP 1200 for valves guides dismounting on an Alfa Romeo Montreal engine

How much is important for MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice to use the most powerful and up-to-date machineries?

Obviously, being oriented to engine tuning of a certain type of supersport and high-performance cars, it is crucial for us to rely on modern and high quality machinery.
This gives us the tranquility needed to work with the best equipment and also allows us to operate with ease and precision, thus obtaining remarkable results recognized by us.

Another view of the engine tuning department of MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice

Before saying goodbye, can you tell us if you plan to purchase new equipment in the near future?

Yes think so. On the other hand the engine tuning repair shop is my theme park.
However I believe you should never stop investing if you want to be up to date with the times and provide ever-higher services, from the point of view of specific machinery and equipment and from vocational training.

The MFT Elaborazioni Sportwagenservice logo


The time with Francesco is unfortunately finished and we have to go home.
We were impressed by the professionality and experience of MFT Elaborations Sportwagenservice.
The expertise and the passion that Francesco Testa and his father Michele put into their work of engine tuning, make their engine rebuilding workshop one of the points of reference for sports cars, throughout Germany

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