Magido: parts washers for the automotive and industrial sector

Part Washer Magido

Magido the parts washers for the automotive and industrial sector

We can proudly announce that The Ultimate Tooling product catalog is enriched by another prestigious brand from the excellent Italian manufacturing industry.

We are talking about Magido, a wonderful manufacturing company just outside Milan, where parts washing tanks are made for the washing of metal parts of all sizes, for the industrial and automotive sectors.

The Magido company

Magido was founded in 1986 by Gianmario Capra, and quickly grew from a small production facility to an established business.

In the following years, the entry of his son, Dr. Fabio Capra, into the company was decisive. Combining managerial farsightedness with correct entrepreneurial choices, he led Magido to become a brand that is appreciated and known worldwide for the construction quality of its parts washing tanks for workshop and industry.

For more than 35 years the company has been one of the world’s leading brands in the construction of machines for washing metal parts.

The experience gained over time, allows Magido to guarantee its customers innovative solutions with high technological content and a first class customer service.

Magido also stands out for the care and quality with which it manufactures its products, for the careful choice of materials and components used during the manufacture of the parts washing tanks.

The Magido production plant

The Magido production plant

Magido products

Magido’s extensive product catalog includes parts washing machines for both the automotive and industrial sectors.
Within The Ultimate Tooling we have decided to include only those more specific to mechanical and engine repair shops, as they are more in line with our sector.

The Magido products we would propose on The Ultimate Tooling are:


Why choose Magido parts washers?

Magido is a world leading brand in the production of parts washers for the automotive and industrial sectors, the care and research of materials is high and the attention to customer needs are one of the values of this company.

All products are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which provides maximum protection of the surfaces from corrosion and wear, and the components used in the construction of the parts washing machines are chosen and selected with extreme care.

Magido has always been looking for innovative solutions to offer its customers valuable products and in our industry, we know that the quality of the equipment used determines the final result.

Magido parts washers are the excellence of the category and The Ultimate Tooling is proud to be able to offer you products of such high technological value.

Magido at Automechanika Frankfurt

The Magido stand at the last Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt


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