Engine rebuilding in Thailand

Engine rebuilding in Thailand

Tour into repair shops of engine rebuilding in Thailand

Recently, we of The Ultimate Tooling, had chance to discover and touch with our hands, reality of repair shops of engine rebuilding in Thailand.

Friends Mr. Kitti Ruangsangthai and Mr Papon Sirorungsi Parco Intertrade led us through an exciting trip from Bangkok capital brought us towards North up to Chiang Mai.

During this trip we have made a stop in some cities, including Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai, to visit various repair shops of engine rebuilding in Thailand.

So, we decided to share this nice and enjoyable “On-the-Road” trip with you readers to the discovery of Thai repair shops.

You will see detailed reportage and accompanied of numerous photos on engine rebuilders in Thailand and used tools machines.

Thailand map
Thailand map

Parco Intertrade

Parco Intertrade co. ltd is an important reality for supply of machineries for engine rebuilders in Thailand.

In fact, they are official distributors of some of European best known brands, such as CarmecComec and Peg.

Distribution center of Parco Intertrade co. Ltd is located in Bangkok, but can count on team of partners who are involved in assistance and repair of machineries for engine rebuilding in Thailand.

Staff of Parco Intertrade at Metalex in Bangkok with Mr. Kitti Ruangsangthai and Mr. Papon Sirorungsi respectively, second and fourth on the trot.
Staff of Parco Intertrade at Metalex in Bangkok with Mr. Kitti Ruangsangthai and Mr. Papon Sirorungsi respectively, second and fourth on the trot.

Trip through engine rebuilding in Thailand

Kamphaeng Phet

Next day on our arrival in Bangkok we move towards North and we make first stop in Kamphaeng Phet where we visit the most important repair shop of rebuilding of the city.

Repair shop is called Ket Mongkol and it’s managed by an energetic woman named Chonticha Naiket.

Within it we discover numerous machines, including an old Berco boring machine, a crankshaft grinding machine AMC-Schou and a head resurfacing machine Scledum RT7.

Inside there are also facilities of chinese manufacturing.

Subsequently, we move to a small outdoor workshop that repairs modest sized engines, such as scooters and Tuc Tuc, distinctives 3-wheeled taxi spread in Southeast Asia.

Small repair workshop of scooter motors and Tuc Tuc
Small repair workshop of scooter motors and Tuc Tuc


Next day, we go to Phitsanulok to visit an important local repair shop of rebuilding, equipped with European and American facilities.

Inside there are also: crankshaft grinding machine berco Berco RTM 270 and AMC-Schou, a rare head resurfacing machine Vereco and legendary Sunnen VR6500 valve refacer.

Even some boring machines of chinese origin.

Ended this meeting we return on way towards Sukhothai where next day other visits are waiting for us.


In Sukhothai, we visit 3 rebuilders in their settlements.

So, in the moring, we enter in the first engines repair shop, equipped with numerous machineries for rebuilding.

Facilities available are a cylinder boring machine Berco AC 650 M slightly dated and also a cylinder block boring and milling machine AMC-Schou CM 1200V.

In addition, a head resurfacing machine Berco STC 361 and a valve guide and seat machine Sunnen VGS 20, as well as another AMC-Schou crankshaft grinding machine.

Subsequently, wait for us, another beautiful repair shop equipped with Western machineries.

Inside, there’s another head resurfacing machine Berco STC 361, valve guide and seat machine Sunnen VGS 20, an historic Kwik Way valve grinder and also cylinder boring machine Beta model of Italian company, Robbi.

Then, cylinder boring machine C1200, crankshaft grinding machine K2000U and a line boring machine L 2500V, all strictly branded AMC-Schou.

Journey ends with third and last visit to Sukhothai, at another repair shop, also managed by a woman.

Also this is equipped with head resurfacing machine Berco STC 361, valve seat and guide machines Serdi 1.1, valve grinding machine AZ VGX.

Chiang Mai

Last travel day ends in city of Chiang Mai, where, owner of a rebuilding repair shop kindly hosted us at his workshop.

Place is equipped with head resurfacing machine Scledum RT 18Y and boring machine Scledum AV 750 and others machineries.


This pleasant and fun experience has brought us to know reality of engine rebuilding in Thailand.

We have seen that despite spread of chinese facilities, willingness of operators is to buy western brands which, even though fallen today, in the past years, have been well-known in Thailand.

We were also very impressed by strength and expertise of Parco Intertrade, a company really started and well-known, in engine rebuilder sector in Thailand.

Il logo di Parco Intertrade
The logo of Parco Intertrade

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