CNC machine tools or traditional?

CNC machine tools

Spread of CNC machine tools

That of engine rectification has always been a world historically refractory to the most advanced technologies, but today the appearance of CNC machine tools in the automotive environment, is becoming increasingly intense.

American companies, Rottler e Sunnen, primarily, are the founders in the construction of CNC machine tools.

Subsequently to them, also other companies in the old continent get involved on this trend, starting to develop numerical control.

Rottler P69 – Modern CNC machining center

Rottler P69 – Modern CNC machining center

Hardware and software components

Reduction of the cost of technology has allowed to the manufacturers to develop and modernize traditional machine models.

Inverters, brushless motors, encoders have become easy to find and to everyone’s reach.

Hardware devices such as Arduino and Raspberry can be found easily and at affordable prices, in the most popular online stores.

Part of development has been made easier thanks to modern software that more easily allow to schedule processing automatic cycles in machines such as milling, boring and leveler machines.

Then, we see intensify presence of CNC machine tools in the various repair and engine rectification shops.

Besides numerical control work centers and with automated tool changer, already present in the industries, a new generation of rectifications for valve seats, boring and smoothing machines for cylinders, levelers for monoblocks and cylinders head, is emerging in the reality of traditional mechanics.

Inverter, encoder and touch screen panel

Inverter, encoder and touch screen panel

Users are ready for CNC machine tools?

Doubt that now arises us is whether end users are really ready to use CNC machines or they prefer continue to use traditional machinery?

Question is obviously referred to the context in which we speak, that of the vehicle repair and engine rebuilding, and above all to type of operator.

It’s regular for a young mechanic to show more confidence with CNC machineries, respect to an old mold, used to “feel” the machine.

Daily use of smartphones and computers has led the new generations to be more comfortable with touch devices and video control screens, rather than with handwriting and mechanical measuring instruments.

Old vertical cylinder boring machine

Old vertical cylinder boring machine

And you what prefer?

Now, it’s your turn, to let us know your opinion, about it.

Are you favorable to this spread of CNC machine tools or do you think that too much technology isn’t adeguate for mechanics of engine rebuilding and vehicle repair?

Let us know what do you think about it, using special space for comments or by clicking the next button.