SCLEDUM: Machinery Tools for Brake and Engine Repair

SCLEDUM was a pioneer in the field of mechanical engineering in Italy, focusing on the production of high-quality machinery for brake and engine repair.

Featuring robustness and durability, SCLEDUM machine tools have been the choice of many engine and brake repair shops in Italy and around the world for years.

Today, The Ultimate Tooling repurposes SCLEDUM brand products, offering a range of used equipment that maintain the original solidity.
These used machines include:

  • Disc and drum brake lathes
  • Flywheel grinding machines
  • Cylinder head resurfacers and monoblocs
  • Crankshaft grinding machines
  • Cylinder hones and reamers

For the mechanic looking for efficient and sturdy used machine, SCLEDUM is an attractive choice even today.
Explore our selection of used SCLEDUM machine tools offered by The Ultimate Tooling now and don’t miss out on the bargains.

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