ROTTLER: CNC Machine Tools for Engine Manufacturing and Repair

ROTTLER Manufacturing is the American benchmark in engine production and engine rebuilding machinery since 1923.

The production is characterised by a wide range of machinery suitable for any type of machine shop, from diesel engine repair to large industrial production plants.

All machinery are designed, manufactured and assembled in America’s largest factory, specifically for the automotive market and equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure maximum precision.

The ROTTLER catalogue offers many CNC controlled machine tools for engine reconditioning, such as:

  • Boring machines for large engine blocks
  • Valve seat boring machines
  • Valve grinding machines
  • CNC cylinder honing machines
  • Automatic cylinder boring machines
  • Multifunctional machining centres for cylinder heads and engine blocks
  • CNC cylinder head resurfacers

Discover ROTTLER Manufacturing’s high-tech machinery and improve the productivity of your workshop.

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