OMCN: Mechanical Equipment for Automotive and Industry

Founded in 1958, OMCN is a leading international brand in the automotive equipment sector, with a presence in over 100 foreign markets.

OMCN’s extensive range includes over 650 items, all rigorously manufactured in Italy.

The entire production process, from mechanical to hydraulic components, is entirely managed by the company, thus guaranteeing absolutely controlled quality.

OMCN is recognised for its commitment to research and development, which has led to the creation of top-quality products such as hydraulic presses, lifting bridges, lifts for cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles, and other automotive equipment.

Discover excellence in the OMCN product range, designed to meet all your mechanical and automotive needs.

Rely at the OMCN experience and guaranteed quality, ask for a customised quotation.

Explore OMCN Automotive Product Range

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OMCN Manual Hydraulic Presses 30 to 100 Ton

SKU: MS0030 - MS0157 - MS0158 - MS0159 - MS0160
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OMCN Double Action Electro-Hydraulic Presses 10 to 100 Ton

SKU: ML0161 - ML0162 - ML0163 - ML0164
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OMCN Electro-Hydraulic Presses 2 Speeds 20 to 150 Ton

SKU: WL1565 - WL1615 - WL1625 - WL1635 - WL1645 - WL1648 - WL2045 - WL2047 - WL3010
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OMCN 2-Speed Electro-Hydraulic Presses with Movable Piston 10 to 150 Ton

SKU: RL0306 - RL1546 - RL1566 - RL1614 - RL1624 - RL1634 - RL1642 - RL1648 - RL2042 - RL2044
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OMCN Hydraulic Presses for Heavy Duty Workshop 200 to 300 Ton

SKU: HD2052 - HD2054 - HD2802 - HD2804
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