Berco Spare Parts and Customer Service

Berco machine tool spare parts

In September of 2017, we sadly announced the end of the production of machine tools by the historic company Berco.

If the company controlled by the German holding company Thyssenkrupp continues the manufacture of crawler tracks for earth moving machines, the same can no longer be said with regard to the cylinder boring machines, resurfacing machines for cylinder heads and crankshafts grinders that have made the name Berco famous throughout the world.

The Berco brand in the production of undercarriage parts

The Berco brand in the production of undercarriage parts

In this long period mechanics and industry professionals have been gripped by many doubts and questions.

The most common questions that worried the users of Berco machine tools were mainly about Berco spare parts and customer service.
Who could have guaranteed the continuity of service?

Other questions that most interested the employees of the automotive sector, referred to the companies that would have collected this important legacy, and what the fate of the Berco brand would have been.

Today, after almost two years, The Ultimate Tooling can finally give the answers to all the questions that have worried the various operators during this period of time.

Original Berco Spare Parts

Spare parts for Berco machine tools

Berco Spare Parts and Customer Service

We can reassure all Berco machine tool users and owners that Berco customer and spare parts service is still efficient and in full activity.

Thanks to the agreement signed in July 2018 between the parent company Thyssenkrupp and the Italian company ARA srl, the latter was reserved the exclusive official mandate of assistance and distribution of Berco spare parts on a global scale.

All Berco official distributors and dealers in every corner of the world will then refer to ARA srl for the coordination of assistance and for the supply of original Berco spare parts.

The entrance of the company ARA srl in Milan

The entrance of the company ARA srl in Milan

The Brand Berco

We want to give good news to all fans and owners of Berco machine tools.

The Berco brand continues to exist, but from now on under 2 different and independent channels.

On the one hand, it will continue to represent the Copparo plant, and the production of tracks for earth-moving equipment. On the other hand it will continue to exist in the machine tool sector, thanks to the assistance and spare parts service that ARA srl guarantees to users of Berco equipment.

Based on the aforementioned contract, Thyssenkrupp has granted ARA srl the opportunity to complete some machines not yet completed at the time of the agreement.
ARA srl plans to come out with the following models marked BO Machine Tools with a production of machinery that is already in progress:

  • BO Machine Tools ARB 651 – Con rod boring and grinding machine
  • BO Machine Tools STC 361 – Resurfacing machine for cylinder head
  • BO Machine Tools SM 2000 – Resurfacing machine for cylinder head
  • BO Machine Tools SM 1300 – Resurfacing machine for cylinder head
  • BO Machine Tools STC 330 – Swing head surface grinding machine
  • BO Machine Tools RTM 270 – Crankshaft grinding machine
  • BO Machine Tools ASV BL – Valve seat cutting machine
  • BO Machine Tools SV 1000 – Valve seat cutting machine
  • BO Machine Tools BT6 – Line boring machine for cylinder heads
BO Machine Tools production of cylinder head grinding machines

BO Machine Tools production plant

Berco’s future in machine tools

Except for the few machine models that are about to be finished and sold shortly, Berco’s future in the machine tool sector will continue to exist thanks to ARA srl, but only for what concerns technical assistance and original Berco spare parts.

But like the phoenix that rises from its ashes, even the Berco equipment will find their continuity, in what we can define a real passing the baton.

In fact, the company ARA srl has recently launched some very interesting products on the market, with the BO Machine Tools brand which will represent the natural evolution of what was Berco machine tools for repair shops.

Take note that we will dedicate soon an in-depth service to the emerging BO Machine Tools reality.

Berco, ARA, BO Machine Tools logos

Berco, ARA, BO Machine Tools – The past, the present, the future…


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