Berco BT6 Line Boring Machine: The Best Choice

Berco BT6 horizontal boring machine

Berco BT6 Line Boring Machine

The Berco BT6 is a horizontal boring machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks that has made history, and is familiar to everyone in the field of engine rebuilding knows.

Created in Berco’s factories with highly respectable features, the BT6 immediately became the reference machine for linear boring of camshaft seats and crankshafts.

With the closure of the production of Berco machine tools, the BT6 left a gap in the market that had never been filled to date.

Berco BT6 line boring machine

The original Berco BT6 horizontal boring machine for engine blocks

Berco BT6 Reproductions

Over the years, there have been some attempts to reproduce the BT6 by Chinese, Indian and Slovenian small craft companies, with more or less successful results.

However, it must be said that, of the various alternatives previously mentioned, none has so far been able to offer technical and construction characteristics comparable to the original Berco BT6.

One of the various craft alternatives of the linear boring machine Berco BT6

One of the various craft alternatives of the linear boring machine Berco BT6

BO Machine Tools BT6-VS Linear Boring Machine

BO Machine Tools has finally bridged this gap with a totally Italian product, designed and built based on the original Berco BT6 drawings.

BO Machine Tools offers the BT6-VS horizontal boring machine as a natural evolution of the legendary Berco BT6.

Manufactured entirely in Italy, the BO Machine Tools BT6-VS immediately stood out for its precision and reliability, immediately becoming the horizontal boring machine of reference for the entire engine grinding machine market worldwide.

BO Machine Tools wanted to clearly mark a gap between the BT6-VS and the various economical alternatives already on the market, opting exclusively for top quality materials and components for the construction of this machine.

During the design and development phase, BO Machine Tools has spared no expense in the realization of the BT6-VS, in order to guarantee its customers a product that stands out from the others for its first-class construction quality and high technological standard.

The Ultimate Tooling - BO Machine Tools BT6 horizontal boring machine

The horizontal boring machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks BO Machine Tools BT6-VS

Features of BO Machine Tools BT6-VS

The BT6-VS consists of a solid electrowelded steel structure, supported by a sturdy sheet metal base that also serves as a storage compartment for the numerous accessories supplied with the machine.

The 3 support arms for the chromium-plated bar, are machined already mounted on the ground sliding crossbar, to ensure perfect alignment between the holes.
This allows the BT6-VS an extreme degree of precision on its own axis, making any kind of play null and void.

A cradle made of ground elements houses the head clamping brackets.

Every single component of the machine is supplied by certified partners who comply with the highest production standards.

The careful choice of construction parts, the extreme care in manufacturing and the meticulous attention to detail that characterize the BO Machine Tools BT6-VS, then translate into a precise and efficient machining process by the mechanic user.

Technical comparison between Berco BT6 and BO Machine Tools BT6-VS

Now let’s summarize the technical features of BO Machine Tools BT6-VS and Berco BT6, comparing them in the table below.

BrandBO Machine ToolsBerco
Boring rangeØ 24÷85 mmØ 24÷85 mm
Max. spindle travel100 mm100 mm
Min. – Max. distance supports to bar45÷295 mm45÷295 mm
Max. heads and blocks lenght810 mm810 mm
Max. cylinder head width300 mm300 mm
Chuck variable rotation speed215÷1300 RPM215-355-445-520-730-1070 RPM
Variable feed speed0÷1000 mm/min0÷1000 mm/min
Spindle motor power1,1 kW0,37 kW
Electrical requirements400V – 220V400V – 220V
Dimensions178×80×139 cm178×80×139 cm
Weight375 Kg375 Kg

It is immediately apparent that the BO Machine Tools BT6-VS maintains the same basic technical features as the Berco BT6, but with the introduction of important updates.

Let’s start from the spindle rotation that from 6 speeds has passed to the variable rotation speed from 215÷1300 RPM.

Another significant feature is the new oversized motor, which goes from 0.37 kW to a power of 1.1 kW, thus allowing a perfect processing of even the most resistant materials.

In addition, BO Machine Tools continues to offer the BT6-VS linear boring machine, in both 400V three-phase and 200V single-phase voltages, to meet the needs of any operator.

Conclusions and Considerations

Surely the BO Machine Tools BT6-VS represents the top of the range in its product category, and is aimed at the modern and demanding grinder who wants only the best machinery for their grinding workshop.

The BO Machine Tools BT6-VS is the ideal linear boring machine for those who are looking for the best and are not willing to sacrifice quality by opting for second or third tier linear boring machines.

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