Autopromotec 2022 – The Italian Auto Equipment Fair

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Autopromotec 2022

After a 3-year absence for the reasons we all know, Autopromotec, the international trade show dedicated to equipment for vehicle repair shops, is back in Bologna.

The trade show took place May 25-28, 2022 at the Bologna exhibition center. As usual, The Ultimate Tooling was there to bring you the latest solutions the automotive market has to offer.

Entrance of the 29th Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna

Entrance of the 29th Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna

So let’s start this overview of brands and products through the stands of the most prestigious exhibitors.


Let’s start right away from the booth of our business partner ARA, the historic Italian company distributing the best brands of grinding workshop machinery, among which it is worth mentioning the historic brand of machine tools Berco in primis.

ARA and its staff graciously hosted us during the exhibition event, illustrating all the technical features of the equipment on display.

Among the many machine tools for workshops that we were fortunate enough to see at work could be viewed:

  • Magido HP30 high pressure manual parts washer
  • Magido L102 parts washer with rotating basket
  • Magido L160 cabin parts washer
  • Tierratech MOT 600 ultrasonic parts washing tank
  • Rottler H85A cylinder honing machine
  • Car LEO-110 connecting rod sander
  • Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe valve grinding machine
  • Serdi 3.5 valve seat cutting machine
  • Serdi Profile valve seat cutting machine

Like every edition, the ARA booth becomes the true meeting place for all the players in the automotive and engine grinding industry, thanks to the wide range of products on display and the professionalism and hospitality of the entire ARA team.


To the side we find the booth of the historic Italian company of machine tools Comec, which was literally taken by storm by the many visitors and industry professionals.
Comec was displaying the most valuable parts of its range of machinery intended for brake and engine repair.

As far as the brake and clutch machines was concerned, the following could be admired:

  • TR470 brake lathe
  • TD502 on-the-truck disc lathe
  • CC300 brake shoe riveting machine
  • RTV600 flywheel and clutch grinder

The part reserved for engine rebuilding equipment was, as always, the one that aroused the most interest from visitors and insiders.

Comec presented some of the most technologically advanced models that the market currently has to offer. Among these were:
Among these were:

  • RV516 valve refacer
  • GV260 valve guide press machine
  • VPT190 pressure tester for cylinder head
  • FSV100 valve seat machine
  • RP1000.CNC resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks CNC controlled
  • LEV350 CNC cylinder boring machine
  • ACF200.CNC cylinder boring and milling machine CNC controlled

And it was the latter machine that was the most admired of the exhibition, which, thanks to technological devices adopted, represents the most precise and functional thing the modern grinder can ask for in his repair shop.


Our tour continues at the PEG booth, our other partner company, specializing as we know, in the production of valve and valve seat grinding machinery.

Dr. Daminato and the technical staff present accompanied us for an in-depth technical review of all PEG products presented where we could see:

  • RV 3000 engine valve refacing machine
  • PEG FM1 portable valve seat boring machine
  • RS 08L valve seat milling machine
  • RS 993 valve seat milling machine for large engines

Other Special Equipment

We continued our visit at two other all-Italian booths that displayed niche, made-in-Italy products that were extremely interesting.


Globalteam is a solid company in Bergamo that distributes high-end equipment for auto repair shops in the area.
Among the various equipment offered by Globalteam, it is definitely worth considering some of their products.

We are talking about the Black Rhino oleopneumatic extractor and the Octopus universal lifter.
Extremely interesting equipment to which we will soon devote an extensive report about it.


Now we move to the CAP booth, another leading Italian manufacturer of screwdrivers and hydraulic power packs, lifting equipment and custom motocompressors to optimize mobile work.

Also at the CAP booth we are greeted with the utmost welcome and courtesy by the staff who explain in detail the functionality and technical features of the various products.

We will have the opportunity to elaborate in the future on many items in the extensive CAP range with specific reviews.


We end this extensive overview of Autopromotec 2022 by leaving the due photographic space to the flamboyant sports cars and the beautiful girls who attended the various booths.

The Ultimate Tooling remains available to readers for any kind of information about the various products that were on display.
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