Autopromotec 2019 – The Italian Automotive Exhibition

Autopromotec 2019

Autopromotec 2019

Autopromotec 2019, the Italian exhibition of the automotive sector, which was held in Bologna from 22-26 May 2019, has come to an end.

Also on this occasion, The Ultimate Tooling went there to show you the new exhibited products regarding engine rebuilding machines and automotive equipment for repair shops.

Engines at Autopromotec 2019

Engines at Autopromotec 2019

Being Autopromotec 2019 a particularly large show, it becomes very difficult to visit all exhibitors.
So in addition to our reference sector, which is motor repair, we will still visit other stands where particularly interesting products deserve some attention.

Pavilion 21 – The heart of engine rebuilding machines

We will begin our visit from Hall 21, which hosted the most famous companies and brands in the industry of engine rebuilding.
Let’s see the most representative.

ARA – BO Machine Tools

The ARA stand, of the volcanic and charismatic Stefano Pozzato, became the meeting point for all the people in the engine rebuilding industry.
In addition to exhibiting the highest-end machinery, the prestigious Milan-based company, which was already distributor of the glorious BERCO brand, presented its new line of BO Machine Tools products, to which we will dedicate a large article in the coming months.
To be precise, the machines presented for this edition of Autopromotec 2019 were:

  • Rottler H85AX Vertical honing machine
  • Rottler VR12 Valve refacing machine with centerless grinding
  • BO Machine Tools ARB651 Conrod boring and grinding machine
  • BO Machine Tools STC330 Cylinder head resurfacing machine
  • AZ CGA Crankshaft grinding machine
  • Tierratech MOT-185 ADVANCED Ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Tierratech MOT-400 Ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • SERDI 4.5 Valve seat and guide cutting machine
  • SERDI S-TRONIK Valve seat and guide cutting machine
  • Magido HP25 Hand operated parts washer

Rossi & Kramer – PEG

A little further on, it is impossible not to notice the stand of Rossi & Kramer – PEG, the historic Italian company, which displayed its entire product line.
In fact for the occasion there was:

  • RS 993 Valve seat cutting machine
  • RS 08L Valve seat cutting machine
  • FM1 Valve seat manual cutting machine
  • RV 3000 Valve refacer
  • PEG 8 Valve seat grinding machine
  • PEG 10 Valve seat grinding machine
  • PEG 25-50 Line boring tool
  • VACUTEST 116 Electric vacuum tester
  • VACUCHECK 90 Air vacuum checker

A nice selection of machines, no doubt about it…


Walking through the corridors of the 21 Pavilion, we find the stand of Clio Tecno Trade of our friend Carlo Piatti, who exhibited an ultrasonic cleaning machine of UltraTecno, a valve seats cutting machine branded Provalve and the Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer.

A little further on the Evomaq stand with its line of valve seats cutting machines and a pressure tester for cylinder heads and blocks.

Pavilion14 – Workshop equipment

Continuing our visit to Autopromotec 2019 we will now move to the adjacent pavilion 14 and immediately meet the Magido stand, a leading company for the construction of parts washing machines for the automotive and industry sectors.

Right in front of Magido we find the stand of Olmec, a leading Italian company in the oledinamic sector that displayed a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic jacks and bead breakers.

The reference point for all visitors to Pavilon 14 was certainly the Global Team stand. Here our friends Emilio Soldo and Tiziano Vanoli and all the staff welcomed us with great sympathy.

In showing the exhibited products, we are absolutely impressed by an article of their own production.

It is the prefabricated self-supporting inspection pit System UP, a pre-built structure equipped by Global Team and tailored to the customer.
Based on the needs of the repairer, this inspection pit is first designed and assembled, and then it is lowered onto a concrete platform inside the excavation.

A truly innovative product on which we will return in the future with a dedicated feature.

Pavilion 19 – Tire assistance equipment

Now let’s have a look at Pavilion 19, the one dedicated to tire service equipment.

We can find tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifting equipment, nutrunners and any type of equipment specific to the tire repairer.
The reference companies for this sector were Corghi, M&B Engineering, C.A.P., Pasquin.

Padiglione 30 – Lifting and diagnostics

In Pavilion 30 it was possible to find other lifting equipment, tire services and also prroducts for vehicle diagnostics.
Among the various companies, the names of Ravaglioli, OMCN, HPA-FAIP stood out.

Filcar was also present, a specialized company in the production of modular technical furniture, exhaust gas extraction products and terminals for the management of fluids in workshops.

In order not to dwell too much, we have decided to leave out all the parts relating to components and spare parts at Autopromotec 2019.

We would rather mention the pleasant meetings that took place at the exhibitors’stands after the fair.

No Autopromotec 2019, no Party…

As mentioned above, there were also moments of celebration and joy at Autopromotec 2019.

On this occasion we had the pleasure of being invited to the stands of Filcar and OMCN, where tasty delicacies were kindly offered.

The Global Team has thought to de light our palates, and for the occasion has set up a real gastronomic buffet with Sardinian cuisine specialties.


We’d like to conclude this extensive service on Autopromotec 2019 also recalling the splendid hostesses who worked at the exhibitors’stands

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